Balize – Baseball (Rap Music Video)

Balize – Baseball

Rapper | Balize – Baseball (Prod. By Kountdown Beats) New Release From The Ep “no Parameters”

Roy Bonner also known as Balize was born in Jacksonville Florida. Balize is a songwriter and rap musician who got his name from being the industry’s best-kept secret, which is also the slogan for Belize the country. Balize has been surrounded by music since his early childhood years. Balize’s love for music was largely influenced by his cousin who introduced him to Ice Cube and Biggie Smalls. Balize began songwriting and recording at age 14 during his high school years. Balize has been inspired by artists like Andre’ 3000, Jay-z, Wu-Tang Clan, Heltah Skeltah, and many more. When recalling his first song Balize reveals, “My first song was about becoming a successful rapper, believe it or not. When Outkast came out with “Extraterrestrial”, I was like man I should have pushed myself harder.” Ever since then Balize’s dedication to his music has only grown. After hooking up with producer, Ron Browz he has been making his way into the hearts of many with songs like “Hello Goodbye”, produced by D-Rich “In My Pants” and “Push” prod. By Johnny Juliano. Balize has released mix tapes entitled, The Block Warming, Let the Bidding War Begin, The Red Pill and most recently “Black Mail” In his home market of northern Florida, Balize is beyond being well received by his fans. Although Balize has done most of his performances in the south he has performed at many different events and venues in the continental United States including the Justo music awards at the Apollo. Balize’s talent has most recently attracted the likes of Tony Draper of (Suave House 2), Gregg Street and Brian Michael Cox. In fact, Balize recently grabbed the spotlight when he opened a performance for rap superstars 2 Chainz and Future. Balize’s exceptional music and style has earned him honorable mentions in Hip Hop Weekly, Duval Streets Magazine, and Six Twelve magazine. Balize’s music can also be found on satellite radio and across the Internet on sites like,,,, music, and When creating his music Balize works closely with producers like Johnny Juliano and Hollywood J. In addition to creating his own music Balize also boasts an impressive list of business involvements, as he is the acting Vice President for Production Lounge Inc, Balize’s business involvements also extended to Brick Management Group. For Balize, the love of music is primary, and everything else is secondary. If he isn’t rapping he is writing and coming up with concepts, or production for his next single. What’s next for Balize? Balize says, “I feel like I’ve been in the background long enough trying to perfect my craft, and it’s time to let the world know what God gave me.” Balize plans to increase the number of performances he does and invade the streets with his new body of art entitled “No Parameters” which is in development under various up and coming producers, and will soon be available everywhere. Due to his ringtone deal with Vio mobile Balize’s music can now be heard on everyone’s mobile phone. Overall Balize’s mission is to deliver more than just music to his fans, but rather a musical experience as vivid and moving as a motion picture. When it comes to Balize the best is yet to come so make sure you keep your ears and eyes open as Motion Picture Music is on the move.

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