BMW’s All-Electric AMBY Concept Bicycle

Lately, BMW has been charging full-on into electrified urban mobility, with everything from scooters to trikes to minibikes making up its vision for the future of transport. As if those rides weren’t enough, though, the German automaker has just unveiled two more two-wheeled concepts for this year’s Munich Motor Show.

They’re called the ‘BMW i Vision AMBY’ and the ‘BMW Motorrad Vision AMBY,’ and each vehicle offers a slightly different take on a genre-bending motorcycle-esque e-bike. The i Vision, for instance, skews much more towards bicycle than it does moto, built with a lightweight aluminum frame, full-suspension front and rear, as well as belt-driven pedal-assist. As spritely as it is sustainable, it boasts up to 186 miles of range and a host of recycled components, including rapeseed oil for the brake fluid. The Motorrad Vision AMBY, however, is similar to an all-electric dirtbike, controlled by a twist-grip throttle and riding on some chunky enduro tires. Interestingly enough, both bikes feature a modular drivetrain with an adjustable top speed. So, while they’re each capped at 15mph on paths, they’ll be able to hit 28mph on urban roads and up to 37mph beyond the city.

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