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How To Make a Beat Without Loops

Melody is perhaps the most identifiable element of a musical composition. It can be soulful vocal passage, a roaring guitar riff, or a rapid saxophone run. Melodies can be simple or intricate. They can stand alone, or work together with other melodies in a more complex composition. HOW TO MAKE A MELODY AND BEAT FROM […]

Producing The Weeknd’s vocals with Illangelo

We’re delighted to bring you a series debut featuring the wonderfully imaginative producer and engineer Illangelo! Hosted at OCL studios in Alberta, this video installment takes you on a deep dive into the creative process behind ‘Alone Again’, the opening track of critically-acclaimed album ‘After Hours’ by The Weeknd. In great detail, Illangelo reveals the […]

Timbaland, Jaycen Joshua and Dave Pensado producing a track at Studios La Fabrique

Revisit the magical Studios La Fabrique for a second series with mixing dream-team Jaycen Joshua and Dave Pensado alongside producer Timbaland! They present an exciting work in progress and recount how the project began with the teenage artist and was developed under collaboration with producer Scott Storch and others. You’ll hear how the original parts […]

TRAKGIRL – The Music Producer You Want To Know | Beauty & The Beats

Meet Shakari “TRAKGIRL” Boles, the Virginia producer following Missy Elliott’s defiant lead. Producer TRAKGIRL is on an uphill battle to settle into her deserved tier in the music industry. Through seductive pieces like Jhene Aiko’s “Overstimulated” and Luke James’ slow, symphonic lament to loneliness “Pearls”, TRAKGIRL exudes her emotionally sophisticated personality in the world of […]

The Making Of Childish Gambino’s “Redbone” With Ludwig Göransson | Deconstructed

Childish Gambino’s “Redbone,” the second single off of his ‘Awaken, My Love!’ album, centers on the narrative of infidelity and paranoia. The track got a prominent placement in the opening moments of Jordan Peele’s record-breaking movie Get Out, too, leading to Platinum certification. Its instrumentation is a collaboration between Donald and Swedish composer and producer […]

The Making Of Future’s “March Madness” With Tarentino (808 Mafia) | Deconstructed

Atlanta rapper Future’s 2015 mixtape cut, “March Madness,” remains one of his signature hits. Released as the lead single from his cult classic project, ‘56 Nights,’ the Tarentino-produced track is named after the NCAA Division I Men’s Basketball Tournament. The 808 Mafia producer recently sat down with Genius to break down how the song was […]

The Making Of Lil Baby & Drake’s “Yes Indeed” With Wheezy | Deconstructed

In late May, Quality Control rapper Lil Baby entered the Billboard 200 at No. 3 with his debut studio album ‘Harder Than Ever,’ thanks in large part to the Drake-assisted single “Yes Indeed.” The Wheezy-produced track, which peaked at No. 6 on the Billboard Hot 100, is Lil Baby’s most popular song to date with […]

Gillie Freestyles On A Beat Metro Boomin Put Together In 20 Minutes

A Metro beat would inspire any rapper to go off. Gillie had no choice when Wallo refused to step up to the plate. Leland Tyler Wayne, professionally known as Metro Boomin, is an American record producer, record executive, and DJ managed by SAL&CO.

Moskvin vs Nick Brown. Beatmaking Battle Final. V1 Festival 2019

18-22 July 2019 V1 Festival – the best hip hop festival in Russia, Saint-Petersburg Each beatmaker must have one device, beats are played live, without Play button. Qualifying stage – 1 enter 1 minute long. Battle – 1st round, 2 enters each (1 enter – beat, 2 enter – drumming – you have to prepare […]

THIS BEAT IS LEGENDARY!! | Making FIRE Beats For Don Toliver & Travis Scott | FL Studio Beat Making

THIS BEAT IS LEGENDARY!! | Making FIRE Beats For Don Toliver & Travis Scott | FL Studio Beat Making In this video I make a beat for Don Toliver and Travis Scott. I Take you through the entire process including making the melody, adding the effects, mixing, and arranging. This video is great for beginner […]

Honorable C.N.O.T.E. Makes a Beat in 20 Minutes

Watch as Gucci Mane and Travis Scott producer Honorable C.N.O.T.E makes a trap beat in 20 minutes using 20 Splice samples from the likes of Virtual Riot, SOPHIE, Lex Luger and more. Sign up for a free month of Splice Sounds with the promo code AUDIOMACK2020 to download C.N.O.T.E’s 20/20 repack & project file here: […]

Drake Producer Supah Mario Makes a Beat in 20 Minutes

Drake and Young Thug producer Supah Mario links up with Audiomack to make one fire beat in only 20 minutes using 20 Splice samples. Mario breaks down his process of finding melodies, drops gems for upcoming producers, and the final beat proves that he is one of the best producers currently moving music forward. Sign […]