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Crackwhite – I Hate It Here

Crackwhite is the rawest young voice out of the Windy City at the moment. After his I Hate It Here freestyle went viral on Facebook, he dropped a recorded version of the song, complete with a music video. Crackwhite raps with a whirlwind flow, dripping with fervor and rage. “I Hate It Here” quickly captured the hearts of Chicago rap fans and this is likely because of the song’s relatable narrative. The title itself seems to be a protest of his circumstances and luck. In the opening bars of the song, Crackwhite breaks down drug prices, spitting “You could get a quarter pound, $550, want a HP I need twenty two fifties.” If opening up a song by advertising your weed prices is not a hard way to open up a song, I really don’t know what is. Crackwhite uses the song as a declaration of the horrifying, stressful, and formative life experiences he endured. He recalls going to sleep while holding a gun and trapping out of vacant houses.

Equipped with a raspy voice and an epic story to tell, Crackwhite may represent a new tide in the Chicago rap scene. His flows are unique and he raps with a vigor that many of his contemporaries lack. And the numbers back this up. In just over a month, the Visual Paradise shot music video has logged over 125k hits. While Crackwhite dropped a few songs a year ago, “I Hate it Here” really feels like the birth of his artistry and career. In early May he followed up with Crack Baby, another impressive effort. On this record he bids his time and preaches patience and gives other tidbits of street wisdom. If Crackwhite’s past two releases are indicative of his future music, one thing is for sure: it’s going to be a hot summer. Check out the “I Hate it Here” video above!

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