Dj SmackSilly Record Breaker Vol. 7

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Anthony ‘SmackSilly’ Williams is not stopping anytime soon! Either you move over or get used to being SMACKED SILLY!

Born in Jacksonville, Florida, December 17, 1986, Anthony’s career options were not to be a disc jockey. As a young man, all Anthony wanted to do was to be successful and take care of his family. As he honestly puts it when asked how he became a D.J. “Life made me a D.J.

Though it may appear as a typical rags to riches story; everything that is imperfect makes perfect sense in the life of D.J. SmackSilly. Hailing from Duval county; located in the northeast part of Florida; D.J. SmackSilly made it known to a lot of other disc jockeys in the ‘game’ that it is possible to make a career out of ‘rocking the crowd’ and branding new artists beyond commonality. Though he apologizes for his abruptness to anyone else’s career, he doesn’t hesitate to make claim to what is rightfully due to him. Many envy his story but dare to walk in his shoes.

Obtaining his name from a controversial, yet defining story while in high school speaks of who SmackSilly has become in his city and the music industry; something to talk about and the definition of hustle and favor. SmackSilly is the official D.J of Don Logan’s DJs, GunPlay of Triple C’s (Maybach Music Group) and Bilderburg Group. His other musical affiliations are Motion Picture Music (M.P.M.) and Cool Running D.Js

D.J. SmackSilly started his life as a disc jockey only six years ago in Harley’s night club; however, since that time he has been on a ‘fired bullet’ path towards success. Seeming to have dropped from the sky and landed feet first on top, SmackSilly signed his contract with Maybach Music Group in September 2010; making him a rare breed to accomplish what he has in such short time. There are other disc jockeys that have been in the club/underground industry over 10 years that have not seen half the life SmackSilly is living.

“Real Recognize Real!” This urban law is deeply rooted in the upbringing of D.J.
SmackSilly. Because of his practices of what he preaches as a friend, brother,
businessman and Father, SmackSilly has a very loyal fan base that is comprised of everyday citizens, talented indie artists and notable entertainment executives.

SmackSilly made a name for himself in Jacksonville by linking up with Fireman DJs and Triple Beam from the rap duo Jim Beam. He went from controlling the crowd in local venues such as Tiffany’s, Silver Fox, Plush, Icons, and Vixen to his schedule being filled with tour dates with Gunplay and Maybach Music Group traveling around the country. In addition to touring the county, he still hosts local indie artist showcases and special nights at venues in his hometown. He has a very deep passion for exposing worthy artists to the hungry ear and making the night life an experience to remember.

D.J. SmackSilly continuously works with various artists including Balize, Loose Bills, Gondi, Jim Beam, Corey Money, Dolla, G.M.B, Keelo G, and many more. Because of his relentless hard work, SmackSilly’s reputation has earned him stripes as one of the best disc jockeys to grace the industry.

To add to his musical versatility, Smacksilly has hosted on Clear Channel Radio with the #1 indie show on 105.3FM. The D.J. SmackSilly Certified Radio Show catered to the urban and hip hop community. Not only did he play the latest in indie music, the leveled minded disc jockey shined the light on plaguing issues that were affecting the urban community making him a voice of the people.

Don’t misjudge SmackSilly because his journey has not been a bed of roses. Though everything seemed to be going right in his career, a powerful voice was earthly silenced in his life. One month after life seemed to be going great for Anthony, his mother passed away. She was the only person he felt could tell him anything and he actually listened! Two weeks before she passed away she left an encouraging message on his phone that he listens to often.

Being raised by his mother, who was also his role model, SmackSilly took his lost very hard. However, he keeps his momentum towards his dreams with the knowing that his mother is very proud of him. He keeps her memory alive through charitable community events under his company named after his mother, Juana Williams Promotions (J.W. Promotions).

There is no truth like self-truth and SmackSilly gives it to you honestly; through his life and music. He is the proud father of a handsome son and a beautiful daughter.
SmackSilly firmly states “that’s who he is doing ‘this’ shit for; his children and the real people; it was a real friend that gave him a chance”.

SmackSilly is loyal to his upbringing but dedicated to his future. Currently, he is touring with Gunplay and making a way for the Don Logan DJ label. Additionally, SmackSilly is putting other DJs to shame. He has released over 42 quality mix-tapes and steady breaking records everywhere he goes.