Jack Harlow | Before They Were Famous

Jack Harlow | Before They Were Famous |

Jack Harlow | Before They Were Famous | XXL Freshman 2020 Updated Biography
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Before Jack Harlow would team up with Post Malone, DaBaby, and Saweetie for an infectious remake to the summer hit Tap In. Before Jack Harlow would team up with DaBaby, Lil Wayne & Tory Lanez for What’s Poppin Remix.
By the age of twelve, Jack was inspired to begin recording songs in his bedroom and uploaded his tracks to SoundCloud to share with his friends. By the time he was in high school, he had created such a buzz around his city that he was selling out popular venues in Louisville like the Mercury Ball Room. Not long after high school, Jack would pick up his things and move to Atlanta to elevate his career. Since then, Jack has made a name for himself through his hypnotizing, melodic beats, his smooth drawl, and boundless determination to be the very best rapper of all time. Find out more about this XXL Freshman for 2020 in this Updated Before They Were Famous video.

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