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Johnny Juliano is a beat maker from Pittsburgh, USA. He was born on December 28th, 1988. He currently lives in Atlanta, Georgia. He is widely recognised for his work with T-Pain and also his own instrumentals as featured on soundclick. He is a rap music producer, but also produces music for other genres.

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He kicked off by selling music online at the age of 15. He quickly moved up in the world and has since turned into one of the leading music producers on soundclick.

He has produced over forty records with Wiz Khalifa, and also produced beats for French Montana, Big Sean, Nipsey Hussle and Soulja Boy. His biggest hit until this point has been ‘Say Yeah’ with Wiz Khalifa.

He started up by recording with Wiz Khalifa when he was still young, where both artists grew up in Pittsburgh. He states some of his idols as Kanye West, Lil Jon and Just Blaze – to Daft Punk and Chromeo. He sometimes likes to include influences outside rap into his beats, making for an awesome fusion of styles.

Johnny first got started as a singer, but began crafting music when he started to understand that he was more talented with the technical side of recording music. He thinks of himself as a beatmaker rather than a true ‘music producer’ as he pretty much has no influence during the artist recording sessions as the artist records over his instrumentals.

Usually, Johnny provides the beat only to the singer, who will then go into the music studio and put vocal parts over the beat, most of the time without Johnny Juliano being there. The rise of the internet makes this kind of process easy, as we can now send beats to people across the world, who can then add their vocals in a completely different studio, without the beat maker needing to be involved.

Johnny is known to start making his beats by laying down a hook, before going on to put down the drums, and then ‘filling in the blanks’. He has released several popular tutorials online walking through his music making process.

He has shifted many thousands of dollars worth of beats on the internet, and has released thousands of instrumentals online for rappers and singers to record over.

He uses FL Studio as his main music recoding station, along with a range of synths and plug-ins. He has also released his own drum kit collection, available to buy online from The Producers Choice.

Johnny also offers tips on music marketing for new producers. He advises that using low cost advertising channels like twitter and myspace to push free music and create a name for oneself online. This technique has worked well for Johnny, who has a huge online following and now makes beats as his profession.

He is an member of several online music producer communities, and can always be found offering advice to younger beatmakers and helping them harness their talent.

Johnny is a modern day role model of a talented beat maker who has made a fantastic living doing what he loves

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