KB Mike -Keep Yo Head Up

Keep Yo Head Up

This life shit hard but i keep my head up fasho

They say they there but lately i been all alone

Cant trust nobody shid i barely trust a soul

How i’m pose to love when I ain’t never loved before

Like damn thats really what it was
You snaked me but its still all love
Like damn i thought it was us

Behind these smiles i’m holding pain

How the fuck i’m pose to believe in god when he aint never came

My brother gone no coming back that shit wont ever change

My brother gone no living life
It a never be the same

And all you got to say is oh its gone get better

And all you got to say is it cant rain forever

But its been raining all my life
But i know this shit ain’t life
I hope this shit can’t be

Cus i been trying my best in life

“Keep Yo Head Up” by KB Mike, available everywhere now: https://kbmike.lnk.to/KYHU

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