LaRussell, Skeyez – Morally Disgusted | GC Presents: The Wall

LaRussell, Skeyez – Morally Disgusted | GC Presents: The Wall

With live music venues shuttered due to the pandemic, alternate platforms have become more necessary than ever for fans seeking entertainment and artists itchy to perform.

Enter Good Compenny, the latest creation from 26-year-old Vallejo MC and media producer LaRussell. For over a year, he and his team have experimented with new approaches to filming musical performances—and with their latest iteration, they might’ve struck gold.

“Bruh, we got a hard one!” LaRussell exclaims during a phone call. As he tells me about his recent video with the L.A.-based artist Iman Europe, he’s clearly juiced: “She came in and went stupid.”

Good Compenny is independently funded and operated. We do not charge artist for our services. Your donation supports local and independent artists all over The Bay Area.

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Official Live Performance of Morally Disgusted performed by LaRussell
Released on: 12/03/2021
Social Media: @larussell
Producer: Skeyez
Recording Engineer: Mariah Brooks
Mix & Mastering Engineer: LaRussell
Cam Ops: Tessie, Uncle Bean
Production: Good Compenny
Location: GC Studios (Vallejo, CA)

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