LaRussell, Skeyez – On My Grave | GC Presents: HUES

LaRussell, Skeyez – On My Grave | GC Presents: HUES

VALLEJO! Stand the fuck up!,” read the first sentence of a Jan. 27 tweet from Vallejo rapper LaRussell. “We bringing trophies home this year! I don’t always win but I always take the risk, they never cheer for you until it go over the fence,” he concluded, referencing his own lyrics.

Attached was a video of LaRussell behind a microphone, gassing an instrumental, one of many videos he’s posted this year.

But this video was different. This was his Babe Ruth moment.

LaRussell metaphorically stood at home plate, calling his shot as he pointed toward the center-field fence. And then he proceeded to knock the cover off the ball. Again and again, all throughout 2021.

LaRussell went on to drop three albums this year, and built a heck of a fanbase along the way. In January, he had about 4,000 followers on Instagram. He’s sitting at nearly 75,000 as of this article. One of his most noted songs, “Do That Lil Dance You Be Doing,” has accumulated nearly 30,000 views since it dropped last December. He and the Good Compenny team have posted over 200 videos of LaRussell and other Northern California artists performing in their studio over the past year, and they’ve been widely shared; one video featuring Shanté singing Etta James’ “I’d Rather Go Blind” was reposted by Snoop Dogg back in March.

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Official Live Performance of On My Grave performed by LaRussell
Released on: 4/05/2022
Social Media: @larussell
Producer: @skeyezbeats
Recording Engineer: Yaya
Mix & Mastering Engineer: LaRussell
DP: David Doria
Cam Ops: David Doria, Tessie
Production: Good Compenny
Location: GC Studios (Vallejo, CA)

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