Ray Vaughn – You Don’t Even Care You Hurt Me (Official Music Video)

Ray Vaughn – You Don’t Even Care You Hurt Me

It’s like you don’t even care you hurt me/
Said I love you a thousand times but I don’t think you heard me/
Thought we was on the same team and you just traded jersey/
Bitch you kyrie Irving/
In green you look like a serpent/
You played so many different roles thought it was Eddie Murphy/
Keep doing the same thing you technically rehearsing/
But I keep on going back I’m technically reversing/
I put in a lot of time and you can’t reimburse it/
The hardest shit ever is moving on from a person when you still care/
You try to hide the shit but the feelings is still there/
Red meat thought the relationship was real rare/
Looking for true colors until they finally revealed theirs/
People expect for me to just forget about you/
Been dead inside tryna find a reason to live without you/
Friends tell me to know my worth but this a value/
They say I never hear em out it’s like I mute the volume/
I got it too with my momma just for being with ya/
So how the fuck you just gone up and leave a nigga/
I’m hoping when you hear this shit that you got keesha with ya/
Cause the way that she viewed me changed how you see a nigga/
I called you all the time cause shit you always on On mind/
Never bailed out because we always had that bond/
If nobody understands who gives a fuck it ain’t they job/
I was tryna make a meal and still have you by my side/
But you changed up/
I guess we wasn’t on the same page/
For all my dog years we wasn’t even on the same day/
You said you hurting too but I don’t think that this the same pain/
I text you still even tho yo responses be plain Jane/
I Gave the worst people the best parts of me/
Don’t know why it’s so hard for me/
To tell you not to talk to me/
I cry until I fall asleep/
Tired of friends insulting me/
If yo name ain’t morton ain’t no reason to be salting me/
I blame myself for falling in love with the wrong woman/
I questioned god like what the fuck I’m sposed to learn from it/
He ain’t answer so I’m slipping to depression now/
Sposed to build me up but I just felt he let me down/
Now Im sitting in this bed/
With this pistol to my head/
Said you loved then you fled/
Now you got me seeing red/
You don’t know yo own strength this shit pushed me to edge/
You can’t miss me with the bull so you gone miss me when I’m dead/
Cause shit tomorrow ain’t promised/
No it ain’t/
Tomorrow ain’t promised/
I’ll see you in the land of promise/
And if I don’t make it there I dont care to be honest/
I’m in a bad place/
If it’s safe to say that this my last date/
I ain’t biggie I don’t have faith/
I don’t smile I permanently got a sad face/
It’s harder then catching a fish when you don’t have bait/
It’s just so much on my plate if I eat it I’m overweight/
Trapped Inside my mind and I feel like I can’t espcape/
Ain’t no reason to stay if it’s easy to be replace/
Somebody said depressions real and now I’m starting to relate/
Got my Head to the ceiling as I’m starting to pray/
I’d never thought this be fate/
I got nothing else to say/
Text bubble pop up and disappear should I wait/
But if I don’t respond fuck it it’s too late

Ray.Vaughn Remix’s Mozzy’s “Tomorrow Ain’t Promised”

Directed By JD Films.

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