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Before SpotemGottem would crack the Billboard 100 with his viral track BeatBox 2 which inspired the Junebug Challenge. Before SpotemGottem would get locked up for grand theft auto and carrying a concealed weapon at the age of just 15 which means at the time he wasn’t even old enough to drive. Before SpotemGottem would clock in over 600K followers on Instagram, a quarter million on IG and he would collab with the likes of Jackboy, HotBoii, DaBaby, Pooh Shiesty & do the Junebug challenge alongside Johnny Dang. Florida rapper SpotEmGottEm’s first blew up off his breakout single “Street Gossip” released three years ago. He’s had a steady incline in the time since but then SpotEmGottEm released the video for “Beat Box 2” on December 18, featuring a guest appearance from one of the hottest rising rappers in the game, Pooh Shiesty. Five days after its release, Junebug posted a TikTok video of him dancing to the song and creating his own routine. It was these one-of-a-kind moves that blew up BeatBox 2’s reach allowing SpotEmGottEm to crack the Billboard 100. That dance is certainly one of a kind and hard to explain. First, you stand in place and pop your torso, and groin back and forth. While doing that, you take your arms and move them robotically on the sides. Or just….watch my video. SpotEmGottEm’s is now on its way to the kind of viral fame that one can only dream of and with early comparisons to fellow Florida rapper Kodak Black the kids on the right path to becoming a big star.

SpotemGottem | Before They Were Famous | His Viral Hit Beatbox & The Junebug Challenge
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