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Sy Ari Da Kid – Timeless Clocks | From The Block

Sy Ari da Kid, born Sy Ari Brockington, is a prolific Atlanta-based singer/rapper and producer whose music seamlessly blends trap and smooth, Auto-Tune-laced R&B. His tense, dramatic songs frequently reflect on relationships, heartbreak, and other personal issues, as well as current events and the struggles of street life. Brockington debuted in 2011 with The Ultrasound and issued over a dozen efforts that decade, including 2016’s B4 the Heartbreak and 2019’s Emancipation Proclamation. His output in the 2020s has been just as bountiful with full-length projects such as A Toxic Heartbreak and Alone But Not Lonely. Born in the Bronx, Brockington moved to Atlanta at the age of nine, and prefers not to categorize his music as either New York or Southern rap. He started rapping at a young age, influenced by his brother and cousin. After …

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