LaRussell (formerly Tota) – 20 Shots | GC Presents: Live Series

LaRussell wasn’t your typical kid growing up. On his voyage to success, passion was the vehicle driving his ambition, ultimately steering him to his destiny. The traditional school setting felt like a barrier —for all his intelligence, LaRussell still couldn’t fuel his drive without passion. “I never struggled with school, I just didn’t want to […]

LaRussell, Skeyez – On My Grave | GC Presents: HUES

VALLEJO! Stand the fuck up!,” read the first sentence of a Jan. 27 tweet from Vallejo rapper LaRussell. “We bringing trophies home this year! I don’t always win but I always take the risk, they never cheer for you until it go over the fence,” he concluded, referencing his own lyrics. Attached was a video of […]