Tha Landlord – Love It Here (Official Music Video)

Tha Landlord – Love It Here

“Far From Perfect” The New Album by Tha Landord Available Now

We recently linked with Tha Landlord for an exclusive “Off The Porch” interview! During our conversation he talked about life in Las Vegas, the music scene in Vegas starting to get better, jumping off the porch, his house getting shot up when he was 12 & his brother was shot 12 times, briefly moving to Seattle, explains how he got the name ‘Tha Landlord’, being a big sports fan & putting a lot of sports references in his music, his thoughts on the rap game right now, once being signed to Floyd Mayweather, explains why that situation didn’t work out, linking with Starlito, joining Grind Hard, reveals him & Starlito have recorded a collab project, touring with Grind Hard, working with Trapperman Dale on “TrapLand”, plans to do a collab project with Trapperman Dale, his new single “Landemic”, his upcoming project ‘Far From Perfect’, fatherhood, and much more!

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