This Futuristic Tesla Electric Motorcycle Is Fit For A Sci-Fi Film

Based out of San Diego, Ash Thorp is widely recognized as being one of the most talented vehicle designers and concept artists ever to get behind a computer screen. For the 2021 year, Thorp tells us that he and his close friend and collaborator Carlos “colorsponge” have teamed up in an effort to deliver a whopping two-dozen rendered projects in their M.H.C. Collection. And despite the ambitious workload, the duo has assigned themselves, the quality of their work remains top-notch, as evidenced by Carlos and Ash’s latest addition to the series, “THE SOKUDO.”

Representing the 14th project in the pair’s ongoing M.H.C. Collection, THE SOKUDO features a custom-designed extruded chassis that houses a battery pack and electric motor and is paired with a shortened USD fork and a one-off swing-arm that matches the lines and angles of the frame. The Tesla-branded two-wheeler was partially created using an off-the-shelf 3D model of a Ducati that Thorp and colorsponge dissected and cannibalized digital parts off of for their own concept bike. Riding on a pair of carbon fiber wheels with disc covers, the bike’s rider is supported by a flat seat that rests atop a dead straight subframe that runs flat across the top of the chassis, while the entire set of framework is shrouded in an angular suite of carbon bodywork with hints of streamliner flavor. With any luck, this won’t be the last motorcycle concept we see from the duo.

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