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Killer Mike – DOWN BY LAW ft. CeeLo Green

number of well-known musicians, including Future, Big Boi, T.I., and Outkast.

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Who is Mike the Killer?
Rapper, composer, and record producer from Atlanta, Georgia, Killer Mike was born Michael Render on April 20, 1975. His highly regarded albums, including as Run the Jewels (2013) and R.A.P. Music (2012), are what made him most famous. In addition, he has worked with a number of well-known musicians, including Future, Big Boi, T.I., and Outkast.
In Atlanta, Killer Mike was raised by a musically inclined family. His mother was an educator, while his father had served in the armed forces. At an early age, he started rapping, and he and his brother participated in local talent shows. Killer Mike eventually developed a taste for hip-hop music and tried to pursue it as a career.
Monster, Killer Mike’s debut album, was released in 1993. Because of the positive reviews the album garnered from both reviewers and fans, he was able to acquire a contract with Sony Music Entertainment, a big label. After that, he put out a number of other albums, including Run the Jewels (2013), R.A.P. Music (2012), and I Pledge Allegiance to the Grind (2006). Throughout his career, he has collaborated with some of the biggest hip-hop artists, including Future, T.I., Big Boi, and Outkast.
Personal Life: At the moment, Killer Mike resides in Atlanta with his two kids and wife Shana Render. He actively supports a number of social causes, including police reform and Black Lives Matter. He has also spoken out against racism in the music industry and supported the legalization of marijuana.
The impact of Killer Mike on hip-hop is immense. His albums have been responsible for some of the most innovative releases in the last 20 years, and his lyrics frequently convey strong social messages that connect with listeners everywhere. He is one of today’s most well-respected hip-hop voices and will keep inspiring new generations.



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