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Rapper Adolph Robert “Young Dolph” Thornton Jr. was from the United States. Adolph Thornton Sr. and an unidentified mother welcomed Thornton into the world on July 27, 1985, in Chicago, Illinois. In addition, he had two brothers and two sisters. He was Jarad Anthony “Juice Wrld” Higgins, the rapper’s second cousin.

Young Dolph, born Adolph Thornton, Jr., was a prominent American rapper who made his mark with the album ‘King of Memphis.’ His career, spanning several mixtapes and seven studio albums, was tragically cut short when he was fatally shot in Tennessee.

King Von emerged as a prominent figure in Chicago’s drill rap scene in 2018. His breakthrough came with “Crazy Story,” a vivid narrative of a botched robbery that went viral.

Dallas-born rapper MO3 carved his niche in the hip-hop scene with raw, authentic depictions of street life from the city’s Northside. His powerful delivery and deliberate style, combined with gritty, true-to-life lyrics, gained prominence through projects like his 2017 release, “4 Indictments.”

Rapper and songwriter Ermias Joseph “Nipsey Hussle” Asghedom received a Grammy nomination. On August 15, 1985, Nipsey Hussle was born in Los Angeles, California, to African American Angelique Smith and Eritrean immigrant Dawit Asghedom.

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